An Unusual, Uncharacteristic Report Of My Visit To The Paradise Acres of Lower Lake Ranch

As a writer for Dog-Eared Books Denver, I typically cover book reviews, new book releases, author biographies, and things of the like, but after recently visiting Lower Lake Ranch, the famous Colorado Ranch Wedding venue, for my brother’s wedding, I felt compelled to write a slightly different piece today.

My brother and his wife chose Lower Lake Ranch ( as their wedding venue many months ago, and I must say that it was absolutely stunning.

From dazzling backdrops and mountain scenery, to luscious nature, vibrant animal life, and glorious lakes and streams, Lower Lake Ranch simply blew me away.



And it wasn’t even my wedding, so I can only imagine the level of satisfaction and awe that my brother and his wife experienced.

As a writer, I am always studying my surroundings, taking in all that I see and hear as part of my process and along the path to molding new stories, so it’s not a far stretch for me to be overly observant in new settings and to even take notes.

Those were two things that I was doing a little too much during my brother’s wedding, but I felt compelled to take it all in. I even took photograph’s, hundreds to be exact. I wanted to remember this place forever.

If I can ever convince a woman to see past my numerous flaws and love me for the nerdy weirdo I am, and then somehow convince her to marry me, I will already have quite the case for our wedding being at Lower Lake Ranch of Colorado Ranch Weddings.

I’ll of course then have to convince said potential wife that despite my hundreds of photos and pages of notes, our marriage has not been a premeditated plot to visit the Lower Lake Ranch just one more time before I die.

If love could be tied to a place and not just a person or thing, for me, it would have to be Lower Lake Ranch; its beauty greatly surpassed that of any place I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on.

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